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Using the browse tool, you will find the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the Prekindergarten Guidelines, the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards, the English Language Proficiency Standards, and the TEA Essence Statements.

In this section, TEKS are arranged in the following order:

  • Subject Area
    • Strand
      • Knowledge and skill statement
        • Student Expectations.

Please begin by selecting either the TEKS Subject Area or the Additional Standard Set that you wish to explore.

            • Student Expectation - WG.21A: Analyze and evaluate the validity and utility of multiple sources of geographic information such as primary and secondary sources, aerial photographs, and maps.
            • Student Expectation - WG.21B: Identify places of contemporary geopolitical significance on a map.
            • Student Expectation - WG.21C: Create and interpret different types of maps to answer geographic questions, infer relationships, and analyze change.
            • Student Expectation - WG.21D: Analyze information by sequencing, categorizing, identifying cause-and-effect relationships, comparing, contrasting, finding the main idea, summarizing, making generalizations and predictions, drawing inferences and conclusions, and developing connections over time.
            • Student Expectation - WG.21E: Identify different points of view about an issue or current topic.
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