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Using the browse tool, you will find the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the Prekindergarten Guidelines, the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards, the English Language Proficiency Standards, and the TEA Essence Statements.

In this section, TEKS are arranged in the following order:

  • Subject Area
    • Strand
      • Knowledge and skill statement
        • Student Expectations.

Please begin by selecting either the TEKS Subject Area or the Additional Standard Set that you wish to explore.

            • Student Expectation - WG.19A: Evaluate the significance of major technological innovations in the areas of transportation and energy that have been used to modify the physical environment.
            • Student Expectation - WG.19B: Analyze the ways technological innovations such as air conditioning and desalinization have allowed humans to adapt to places.
            • Student Expectation - WG.19C: Analyze the environmental, economic, and social impacts of advances in technology on agriculture and natural resources.
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